The slab layout is an important part of the process especially if your selected slab(s) has a varied color, pattern or a lot of movement. Our tradition of producing the most beautiful design while minimizing seams, optimizes the use of your slab. After the template(s) are brought back to our shop, we will ask you to come back in to participate in this process. It is important before we start the fabrication that we lay the template(s) out on your actual slab(s) with your input. This will ensure that you get the counter design and the seam areas as beautiful as you have dreamed about!


There are two main reasons to opt for the layout portion of the process: solid color stone and grain matching. Several stones come in solid/plane colour which means that the pattern will be the same no matter how the stone is laid out.  Grain matching refers to how the stones pattern flows through the seam. No matter how the stone is laid out, the  stone with repetitive pattern will be identical on both sides of the seam. 

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